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Dongguan Ever Brilliant Sun-shade Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer which focus on develop, produce and distribute motorized curtain and control system. We promise to improve our products through innovation, diligent research and development, and an unyielding commitment to be the very best. We supplies not only high quality products but also good service to the customers in the world. We offers a wide range of motors and controls for all types of application, including motorized curtains, roller blinds, venetian blinds, skylight shading systems, auto stage, auto shutters and motor control systems which are wildly used in Commercial building, School, Villa, Theater, Museum, Expo Centre and Community facilities. We are sure that we can win the popularity and satisfaction among the global users with high quality, most appropriate marketing strategy and best after-sale service.
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  • Electric ceiling curtain intelligent sunshade

    The electric ceiling curtain is mainly used in electric sunshade system on sunroof, and can also be used in home sunshine house, villa area, etc., according to the operation principle, it can be divided into scroll ceilin...

    2018-02-23 MORE>>
  • Composition principle of electric sunshade

    The sun shading shutter mechanism is mainly used in the facades and roof shading of large shopping malls, exhibition halls and garage. The blinds machine is changing the leaf turning angle to achieve different sunshade ef...

    2018-02-23 MORE>>
  • With the times, the trend of future curtains for electric curtains

    In modern society, the combination of high-tech and speed, not only is some office and home appliances people have great demand, many activities Home Furnishing as people's increasing requirement gradually upgrade, such a...

    2018-02-23 MORE>>
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